Flowers and Fruit in August

Flowers and Fruit in August

Flowers and Fruit in August

In August  garden flowers are abundant with many coming into flower in late July or early August. Few wildflowers come out in August but grasslands are full of Knapweeds, Wild Carrot, Teasel, Scabious, Harebells, Ragwort, Thistles and Hawkweeds.  Fruit is ripening on some trees and shrubs. Here are photos of 7 garden flowers and 3 fruits seen in early August.

rudbeckia flower

This is a variety of Rudbekia fulgida.  Rudbeckia may be annuals, biennials or perennials. They are native to North America.  The common name is Black-eyed Susan

anemone japonica flower

Japanese Anemone ‘Queen Charlotte’ . This hybrid was developed from the species Anemone hupehensis,  native to China.

Michaelmas daisy flower

A Michaelmas Daisy hybrid. This is similar to the European wildflower  Aster amellus named after the Archangel Michael, whose  feast day is September 29.

globe thistle  flower

The Globe Thistle flower heads, like all thistles, are made up entirely of disc florets. Native to Eurasia, it was introduced to Britain in the 16th century as a garden plant.

hibiscus flower

A Hibiscus hybrid based on the  species Hibiscus syriacus which is native to China.

gladiolus flower

A Gladiolus variety. Gladioli originate mainly in South Africa, which has approximately 250 of the 300 known species. 

phlox flower

Phlox ‘Mount Fuji’ is a popular garden plant. The Phlox family of 25 genera and 250 species is found mainly in North America with one genus Polemonium found in Europe and two in Asia. 

black mulberry fruit

Black Mulberry. The fruit turns red and is sweet and juicy at the end of July. This type of fruit is known as a multiple fruit because it consists of a number of drupes fused together to make one big fruit.


blackberry fruit

Bramble fruit, shown here, is black when ripe. Raspberry fruit  is red when ripe. Where the fruit  connects to its stem is  the receptacle. It  is fleshy and comes away when the Blackberry is picked but does not come away when the Raspberry is picked.

elderberry fruit

The fruit of the Elder  is used to make wine and has many medicinal uses, but the seeds and other plant parts are toxic.