Can’t Find the Tree in the Tree Guide UK app or the Tree Guide Book?

If you can’t find a matching tree in the Tree Guide UK app or Tree Guide Book, you will need to consult other sources of information.

Try the following BOOKS.

You may find some of these books in your local library if they are out-of-print

maple red

1. Collins Tree Guide – Owen Johnson and David More
2. A Field Guide to Trees of Britain and Northern Europe – Alan Mitchell
3. Conifers in the British Isles – Alan Mitchell
4. A Guide to the identification of deciduous  Broad-leaved trees and shrubs in winter – Andrew May and Johnathon Palmer
5. Trees in Britain – Rodger Phillips
6. Hillier’s The Gardeners Guide to Trees and Shrubs – Ed John Kelly.
7. Trees: Their Natural History – Peter Thomas.

Try the following ON-LINE sites

1. The Dutch Tree Guide.
2. Kew Garden Tree Identification.
3. The Gymnosperm Database
4. Send a photo of a leaf, cone, bud etc to iSpot and get an expert to ID the tree