Conifer Tree Identification by  Leaf Shape  

 The Field Guide to Trees of Britain and Europe includes an identification key for Conifer trees based  on leaf shape. The key lists over 40 species and divides them into 12 leaf shapes. Use this key to get a preliminary identification, then use the Conifer Cone key to get a more precise identification.

Needles in clusters of 20–45

 Cedar of Lebanon, Deodar, European Larch

scoot pine needles
 Needles in clusters of 2, 3 or 5

 2 – Austrian Pine,  Bishop Pine, Corsican Pine, Lodgepole Pine,  Scots Pine,  Stone Pine,  3 – Monterey Pine, 5 – Arolla Pine, Bhutan Pine, Weymouth Pine

common juniper needles

Spiky needles in clusters of 3

Chinese Juniper, Common Juniper

dawn redwood needles
Rows of flat, light green, deciduous needles

Short and Long Needles

Western Hemlock

Needles on Woody Pegs where they join the shoot

Sitka Spruce, Colorado Spruce, Norway Spruce, Oriental Spruce, Serbian Spruce

Needles on Pads where they join the shoot

Douglas Fir, European Silver Fir, Caucasian Fir, Grand Fir, Noble Fir, Spanish Fir

Needles on Green Shoots

Common Yew, Irish Yew

Scale-like leaves in Flat (2D) Sprays like a fern

Lawson Cypress, Western Red Cedar, Incense Cedar

Scale-like leaves on short sprays that stick out in 3D effect.

Italian Cypress, Monterey Cypress, Smooth Arizona Cypress

Flat Sprays stick out at different angles to give 3D effect

Leyland Cypress

Short scale-like leaves with outward pointing tips

Giant Sequoia