Cypress tree ID by cones

Cypresses have spherical seed cones. Seed cones, like female flowers, receive pollen and develop seeds. The seed cones are usually woody to protect the developing seeds. In cypresses the protection is achieved by interlocking cone scales. The scales open up at a suitable time to release the seeds. 

Cypress tree ID by cones –  number and shape of cone scales, shape of spikes on scales and the way the scales interlock can ID the tree.

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Cypress tree id by cone -  Lawson cypress seed cone and seeds

Cone scales open to release seeds

True and False cypresses – Cypress is a word used to describe a number of different trees. True cypress trees are those that are in the genus Cupressus such as Italian Cypress, Monterey Cypress and Smooth Arizona Cypress. False Cypress trees are those in the genus Chamaecyparis such as Lawson Cypress, Nootka Cypress and Sawara Cypress plus the cross between the Nootka Cypress and Monterey Cypress known as the Leyland Cypress. Also included in the False Cypresses is the Swamp Cypress.

lawson cypress cones


Italian cypress cones