It is difficult to Identify a tree from a distance, particularly when you are identifying it for the first time. Normally you need to get up close and examine the leaves, buds, thorns and flowers. However, as you gain experience you may be able to identify the tree from just one or two features. Or you may be almost sure that it is say a Common Ash and just want some information on it. The Tree Guide UK App is designed to meet all these needs.

A Forester or tree specialist can identify a tree at a glance by looking at just a few important features. For most of us this is impossible and we need to train ourselves in what to look for. The Tree Guide UK App speeds up the learning process by clever use of digital images and touch screen technology.

This Guide was written by a scientist who is not a botanist but who wanted to learn how to recognise common trees. The App was developed as he went through the learning process, starting from a basis of no knowledge of botanical terms and tree biology, to developing the ability to recognise 111 common trees at any time of the year.

ash buds 2

It is a practical guide that includes over 1700 photographs taken outdoors throughout the year. It uses photographs of trees as they are, not as they might be under perfect conditions. Seasonal changes are shown and the dates when photographs were taken are given so that you can identify trees at any time of the year. There is an image-based glossary of over 160 botanical terms.