Maples have fan-shaped leaves with 3 to 7 lobes that radiate out from a central point like  a fan. This can best be seen by examining the main veins. Most have 5 lobes but some have 7 or more. Five examples are shown first.

Some  trees have fan-shaped leaves but are not Maples. Five examples of these trees are shown below.



Field Maple leaf

Field Maple

Sycamore leaf


Norway Maple leaf

Norway Maple

Silver Maple leaf

Silver Maple 

Japanese Maple leaf

Japanese Maple (7 or more lobes) 


Wild Service Tree leaf

Wild Service (note that all veins do not radiate from a single point)

London Plane leaf

London Plane

Oriental Plane

White Poplar leaf

White Poplar

Sweet Gum leaf

Sweet Gum