There are two types of Broadleaf tree leaves. They may be simple or compound. A simple leaf is made up of one piece. It is undivided. A compound leaf is divided into several leaflets.  Pinnate  is a term used to describe a compound  leaf that has leaflets  arranged in 2 rows either side of a midrib like a feather.  Leaflets may be tooth-edged or smooth edged. Many trees have pinnate leaves which are easy to recognise. Here are 10 images of pinnate leaves.

Elder leaf

Elder 5 to 7 tooth-eged leaflets

Rowan leaf

Rowan up to 15 tooth-aged leaflets

Common Ash leaf

Ash 9-13 tooth-aged leaflets

Box Elder leaf

Box Elder 3 to 7 tooth-edged leaflets

Black Walnut leaf

Black Walnut 10 to 23 tooth-edged leaflets

Claret Ash leaf

Claret/Narrow-leaved Ash 7 smooth-edged leaflets

Manna Ash 3 to 9  broad smooth-edged leaflets

False Acacia leaf

False Acacia 9 to 23 smooth-edged leaflets

Common Walnut leaf

Common Walnut 5 to 13 smooth-edged leaflets

Tree of Heaven leaf

Tree of Heaven 11 or more smooth-edged leaflets