It is difficult to Identify a tree from a distance, particularly when you are identifying it for the first time. Normally you need to get up-close and examine the leaves, buds, bark, thorns and flowers. However, as you gain experience you may be able to identify the tree from just one or two features. Or you may be almost sure that it is say a Common Ash and just want some information on it. The Tree Guide UK app is designed to meet all these needs. You can get a quick look at it by clicking on this link Tree Guide UK


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If you know the name of the tree but just want more information on it, use the INDEX. This will take you directly to the Tree Information page, where you will find info on the tree, links to other similar trees and links to external websites that will give you more information on the tree. The page includes photos of the tree in winter and summer as well as its leaves, buds, thorns, flowers, fruit and bark. There is also a Quick ID which tells you what to look for and Information Notes which explain any botanical terms used in the description. There is a Glossary of 160 botanical terms which links into the Information Notes. 




Mini Guides

If you don’t know the name of the tree, choose “Identify” and it will offer you 12 options. The opening page of these options is shown to the right. A list of all 12 options is shown on the right-hand panel. Click on any option in this list to get more information. Your choice of option will depend on how much you already know about the tree you are trying to identify.

If you don’t know much about the tree, choose one of the full image-based botanical keys – these use the features of Leaves or Buds. Using these options you can identify a tree at any time of the year.

If you want to make a quick identification based on a single feature, choose from one of the other options  listed in the right-hand panel.