PINE TREES can be identified by how their needles are arranged in clusters and by the shape of their cones. Here are the cones of 11 pine species – Seven 2-needle pines – Mountain Pine, Austrian Pine,  Corsican Pine, Lodgepole Pine,  Scots Pine,  Stone Pine,  Bishop Pine, one 3-needle pine – Monterey Pine and three 5-needle pines – Arolla Pine, Bhutan Pine, Weymouth Pine
mountain pine cone

Mountain Pine 

Austrian pine cone

Austrian Pine and Corsican Pine  have similar cones 

Lodgepole Pine cone

Lodgepole Pine

Scots Pine cone

Scots Pine

Stone Pine cone

Stone Pine

Bishop Pine cones

Bishop Pine

Monterey Pine cone

Monterey Pine

Arolla Pine cone

Arolla Pine

Bhutan Pine cone

Bhutan Pine

Weymouth Pine cone

Weymouth Pine