Snowy Mespil identification – The Snowy Mespil, also known as the Juneberry, Snowy Mespilus or Serviceberry, is a deciduous shrub or small tree, originally from North America but now growing wild in Europe, including Britain. It is an ornamental tree planted widely in gardens for its delicate white flowers in early spring, red fruit in midsummer and red leaves in autumn. Amelanchier is a genus of up to 20 species. The fruit is very sweet when fully ripe. In North America Juneberry fruit is harvested in June or July and eaten as berries or converted to jams, jellies and wine. The fruit is also popular with birds.

Snowy Mespil identification is by its leaves, white flowers in spring, red fruit in autumn and long, beech-like buds in winter.

Tree in April

snowy mespil flower

Flowers come out with the leaves in April. Each flower has 5 petals.

Berries are red in June/July. They turn black in autumn.


Tree in May

snowy mespil raceme

The flowers are in a raceme where 3 to 8 flowers are located close to a central stem.

Buds are alternate

Leaves are oval, parallel-sided and toothed

Buds are coppery and long, like a Beech