Tree Guide UK app

The Tree Guide UK app is available free on the App Store. It  has been specifically designed to run on an iPad and will not run on an iPhone or other mobile phones or tablets. 

This beautifully designed Field Guide contains comprehensive and fully illustrated information on 111 trees commonly seen in the United Kingdom and shows you how to identify them. 

You will be able to identify any of the trees using the Tree Guide UK’s easy-to-follow botanic key of pictorial yes/no questions. In the process these will also teach you the techniques used to identify different trees.

There is also an Index of trees for those interested to simply browse or to look-up and learn more about a particular tree.

A glossary of botanic terms also explains, in fully illustrated form, any of the technical terms you may encounter.

Tree Guide UK comes packed with over 2,400 high resolution photos. These are included in the app when you download it, meaning no network connection is required when using this app. We designed this purposely hoping you will enjoy to use these Field Guide outdoors as much as in the comfort of your own home! To find out more click HERE

Screenshots  taken from the app are shown below.

The Trees and Flowers website uses images and text extracted from  the app, to explain how to identify trees. Click HERE to find out more about the Trees and Flowers website.