The Tree Guide UK app is available from the App Store. It  has been designed to run on an iPad or iPad Mini. There are 2 editions of the app – the Standard Edition at £2.99 and the Premium Edition at £5.99. 

You can access them via  these links.

Tree Guide UK app -Standard Edition

Tree Guide UK app – Premium Edition

This is a new type of Tree Guide, developed by a scientist who is not a botanist. It uses digital images, hyperlinks and touch screens to enable botanical keys to be used by everyone. You can identify common trees at any time of the year. Images of similar trees can be compared instantly. It tells you what ‘killer’ features to look for in identifying each tree. Once you’ve learned how to use this method you should be able to move on to recognising many of the 1500 species that you may come across in the UK or Europe.

Cedar of Lebanon seedIt is a practical guide that includes over 2400 photographs taken outdoors throughout the year. It uses photographs of trees as they are, not as they might be under perfect conditions. Seasonal changes are shown and the dates when photographs were taken are given so that you can identify trees at any time of the year.

There is an image-based glossary of over 160 botanical terms. It includes information notes to explain those terms. It includes links to other Internet sites. You can train yourself at home or use it outdoors.

There are 68 Broadleaf trees and 43 Conifers in the Standard Edition and 153 Broadleaf trees and 62 Conifers in the Premium Edition. The trees in the Standard Edition are common in urban and rural areas. In the Premium Edition you will also find trees that are less common but are often found in Gardens, Parks and Tree Collections.