Tree Identification is a skill we can all learn, given enough time and effort. Ideally we would like to have a specialist alongside us when we are in the field. In practice we usually have to learn from books or apps but these can be confusing if they include all the facts about all the trees you may see. In fact botanists are trained to look for those features that differ significantly between plant families and species. We have photographed these features for the most common trees and present them on this website and in these guides in a way that will speed up the self-learning process.   



Botanical keys, which use a word-based yes/no system of questions and answers, have been used for many years to identify trees. They have always been difficult for non-botanists to use because they assume a knowledge of complex botanical terms. The Tree Guide UK app uses easy-to-follow botanical keys of pictorial yes/no questions. As you use the guide you will learn how to identify different trees. A glossary of botanical terms also explains, in fully illustrated form, any of the technical terms you may encounter. The app is designed to run on fast, high-definition, touchscreen tablets and comes packed with over 2,400 high resolution photos. These are included in the app when you download it, meaning no network connection is required, so you can use the guide at home or outdoors. 


Based on the app, the book uses many of the photos from the app and includes a simple key and a glossary.