Tree Identification   Learn to identify trees at any time of the year using Key characteristics such as leaf shape, buds, catkins, white flowers etc. There are 18 keys to choose from.

Decide which key you are interested in and either click on the Quick Access list of keys in red or scroll down to the icons and click on the button below the key icon. 

How to identify a tree 

1. If you think you know the name of the tree click HERE to go to the Index of Tree Species page which has links to over 90 common broadleaf trees, 18 exotic broadleaf trees and 25 Conifer trees found in Britain. Click on the name of the species to get full details and photos.  

2. If you don’t know the name of the tree but think it is similar to another you have seen use the key ‘Closely-related trees’ which has links to Limes, Oaks, Pines, Alders, Firs, Spruces, True Cedars, Elms, Maples, Willows, Poplars and Birches.

3. If you don’t know whether it is a Broadleaf tree or a Conifer click HERE

4. If it is spring, summer or autumn and its a Broadleaf tree use the Broadleaf Leaf, Buds, Thorns, Catkins, Bark, White Flowers, Cherry Blossom, Summer Fruit, Autumn Leaf Colours or Autumn Fruits keys.

5. If it is winter and it is a deciduous tree click HERE to go to the Winter Tree Identification  page.

6. If it is a Conifer use the Conifer Leaf, Conifer Cone or Bark keys

This Website uses photos and text from the Tree Guide UK apps and the Field Guide to Trees of Britain and Europe to provide a set of Identification keys that are easily accessible online, particularly on mobile phones.  Keys are based on photographs, taken at appropriate times of the year. Many are close-ups to illustrate particular features that differentiate tree species and families. Some keys have links to full descriptions of trees. Identification may involve looking at several keys before coming to a conclusion and even then may lead to consultation of more extensive guides or internet searches before coming up with a full diagnosis.  Tree identification is a process of elimination and on this website we aim to get you started on that process.