Spindle Tree in Autumn

The Spindle Euonymous europaeus is a bushy tree native to Europe, including Britain, Turkey and the Caucasus.  The Spindle is common in hedges and woods on lime-rich soils and has been planted in many gardens. Its wood is hard and fine-grained and was used to make spindles for wool spinning. The small white flowers appear in May. It has a very unusual looking fruit, which is in the form of orange berries in a 4-lobed pink capsule. Technically the orange ‘berries’ are arils, like yew ‘berries’ with an orange outgrowth from the seed which encloses the seed. The leaves are similar to Blackthorn but paired and opposite. It is a member of the Euonymus genus, from which a huge number of ornamental garden plants have been developed.  The genus of 175 species includes evergreen and deciduous dwarf shrubs, vines and trees. The deciduous shrubs are gown for their autumn colour. 

Spindle Tree in Autumn – tree, leaves and pink fruit capsules in autumn. For more photos click HERE.


Spindle Tree in autumn

A Spindle tree in a churchyard in September

Spindle Tree fruit in autumn

Trees are often heavily laden with these unusual fruits in autumn. 

Spindle Tree fruit

Fruit in September

Spindle Tree leaves

The leaves are Blackthorn-shaped but arranged opposite one another on the shoot. Blackthorn leaves are alternate.